C. A. M. Y. Program


Compassionate Awareness Meditation Youth Program (CAMY Program) equips the next generation with a deeper awareness and essential skills for life transformation through meditation. The CAMY Program is the vehicle we use to safely transport youth from stress and feelings of overwhelm to a sense of competency, confidence and calm in their ability to thrive.


More than ever, our youth are put to task to accomplish academic acuity, if not acclaim. This pressure alone is a challenge as they also face hormonal influence, creating an identity, increasing levels of responsibility, and begin making decisions and discernment about college and career, that effect the rest of their lives.  These young adult lives can be complicated by struggles far beyond the academic scope.


Whether these challenges are external or manufactured by confusion and self-doubt, the reality of a broken home, having to work to help support the family, or avoid the trappings of drugs or gang affiliations, all add to the complexities of our youth today, who are facing tougher decisions than perhaps any generation prior.  Family dysfunction, emotional and behavioral issues, lack of self-worth, social pressures, cultural and communication challenges, disabilities, stress, and pathologies such as ADD, ADHD, COD or PTSD, all of these things and more complicate a young adults ability to give education their full focus. The result is overwhelm, limitation and fear, which block their ability to produce their highest aim.


The CAMY Program recognizes these issues and has made it our mission to help the next generation overcome these challenges both internally and externally from a place of presence and clarity. Through the practice of meditation, we teach students to make decisions with greater awareness that meet the responsibilities of school and their personal life without falling into self-abandonment or succumbing to fear. 


Our meditation, in concurrence with our programs personal power tools of compassion, awareness and healing, provides a foundational element in helping students identify blockages and develop the self-caring and clarity to move through them and thrive.  CAMY Program participants come out of our program with improved confidence, clarity and self-respect. Our tools help students transform their lives and prepare them to impact the world and move forward as positive contributors to their community.





  • Learning to be kind to self

  • Learning to be kind to other

  • Inspiring and empowering young minds to make positive contributions in the world.




  • Developing tools to know what they want

  • Finding a purpose and contribution to the world

  • Self expressing in a positive way




  • Understanding how to heal from trauma

  • Developing a skill-set for pro-actively preventing future trauma by experiencing challenges as opportunities for greater compassion and awareness


Our specific focus provides all of our students the opportunity and safe space to grow well beyond the scope of normal social enviroments, and classes can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual teacher, student or group. This includes addressing the Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) plans already in use at our partner school, and addressing issues that may be indicated on student ACE testing.

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