One-on-One with Chandrika 

East and West meet each other in the place of silence in the mind.  Water and fire bank each other into neutrality, and life is born again and again from the wisdom of life turning to death to rebirth.  We find ourselves in the center of our challenges, and we grace the world with our light when our sense of personal ownership falls away.

Healing sessions with Chandrika are hands-on or distance healing, and may also include intuitive reflection, tissue manipulation, flower essence therapy, crystal healing, sound healing, or other modalities depending on the needs that arise in your session.

 Reiki, psycho-structural balancing, and healing touch therapies are integrated into each session.  This healing work is ideal for those looking for an increase in overall vitality and energy, and for those who desire healing around the deep issues which can manifest as physical illness and injuries.

Packages of several sessions may be recommended for some clients.  Please allow a few minutes for settling in before your appointment and time for integrating the healing afterwards.

Series of sessions are available in groups of 8-10 sessions, which must be used within three months.  The benefits of consistent healing work of this nature can be deeply profound, expansive, and transformative.  If you are unable to use your sessions before their expiration, or if you would like to share  part or all of your series, sessions can be given as a gift to friends and family.  You must communicate all cancellations or transferrals of sessions at least 24hrs before the time of your scheduled session

The tools and knowledge Chandrika Amira has to offer in her sessions have been so extremely valuable in my life.  She has taught me how to stay grounded and connected in my body so I can move through life with more compassion and love.  I feel so deeply grateful for the selfless work she provides and the ability to show me my true self.  My life has been transformed from this work and I would recommend it to every single person.  

-Alexandra Castillo 28

Personal Coaching

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