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Compassionate Awareness Meditation

There is a specific meditation style that works best for each of us. Compassionate Awareness Meditation™ is a unique integration of personal growth tools, to help individuals achieve significant breakthroughs and transformation in every area of their lives.


Your CAM™ Coach will guide you to deeply relax, tune into your body and breath, and become aware of thoughts, feelings, and distractions.  From there, you'll be guided to experience a deeper level of compassion for yourself and others.  CAM™ has created significant results for a wide range of clients, including cancer survivors,  working single parents, CEOs, and 85 year-old grandparents.


This technique gets to the root of our issues and helps to resolve them once and for all.  We identify the core of our challenges, and using Compassionate Awareness, we transform barriers into breakthroughs.  Life becomes the vibrant, healthy, joyful experience you've always wanted.  

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Meditate with Chandrika

Founder of CAM

Chandrika Amira Suliman is an expert in several styles of meditation and healing traditions from around the world, and incorporates mental health research into her work.


With almost a decade of teaching and coaching experience, she has the tools to help you heal from trauma, overcome challenges, and discover the brightest, healthiest you.

Experience tailored meditations and self-knowledge tools that specifically facilitate powerful breakthroughs and positive change for each individual.  

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  • Reduce stress

  • Release trauma and mental blocks

  • Foster physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Improve overall well-being

  • Increase harmony in personal relationships

  • Greater creativity 

  • Boost focus, goal setting, and work skills

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