Healing Intensive:
A Woman’s Embodiment Course

There is no stronger creative force in the universe than that of building and giving birth to new life. Yet, sacred female creative power is a virtually unknown concept in the west.  All over the world, men and women alike struggle to come to grips, and peace, with their sexual histories, traumas, programs, and abilities. It is time for women (and men) everywhere to begin reclaiming the power, joy, and inspiration of every aspect of themselves.


Creativity, the ability to create and nurture life, and self-image are vital parts of health and well-being, but society has often taught us to reject ourselves, to be “better”, less vulnerable, and less authentic. In this course we will examine the meaning of Kundalini energy, the permissions we give ourselves, and the ways in which our personal shadows are taking control of the most potent form of physical creative energy we possess. By bringing our shadows into the light and loving them, we free our energy from the constant struggle to be “sexy”, “good”, “spiritual”, “pretty”, or any other persona that is not serving our highest selves.

When we unplug from the stories that have been running us, we create a golden opportunity to create ourselves anew every second.

I am calling in those women who would like to travel the dark road with me, to find the deep caverns of self-knowledge hidden in our bodies in our lives, and go treasure hunting! Let’s bring the light to our spider-webbed places, dust off the old lanterns of intuition, trust, and self-acceptance, and shine as brightly as we possibly can.


This workshop will meet for 28 weeks, culminating in a beautiful three day retreat.

Investment: $3600, with pay plans available.

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