9 Week Transformative Course

A 9 week, life changing class, the Fundamentals of Self Knowledge will give you clarity and the tools to breakthrough into a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Each two hour class is divided into instruction, discussion and meditation, providing knowledge, and skills to live life fearlessly.

  • Discover Self Love

  • Improve Confidence

  • Find your Voice

  • Nurture Relationships

  • Set Boundaries

  • Invest in your Passion

  • Heal the Past

  • Connect to Something Bigger

This course is a powerful and gentle introduction of integrative meditation and living techniques.


In this series, we examine and meditate on each of the seven building blocks of the human mind and body.  Each class corresponds to part of the physical body, and to aspects of our emotional and mental condition as well.  By observing without judgement the experiences and decisions that are held in our bodies, we begin to unravel the sometimes convoluted journey of beliefs and conditioning that have helped to create our lives to date.


 With this deeper understanding comes greater energy, excitement, peacefulness, and fulfillment in our choices and desires.

This course delivers life long skills for clarity, discernment and self-esteem. Participants notice breakthroughs in their initial blocks, and the long term benefits include an ability to use these skills in every area of life, resulting in a lifetime skill set.

The tools and knowledge Amira has to offer in her sessions have been so extremely valuable in my life.  She has taught me how to stay grounded and connected in my body so I can move through life with more compassion and love.  I feel so deeply grateful for the selfless work she provides and the ability to show me my true self.  My life has been transformed from this work and I would recommend it to every single person.  

-Alexandra Castillo 26

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Upcoming Classes

  • Thursday ~ Sept 14th 2017 ~ 6pm - 8pm

  • Wednesday ~ Sept 20th 2017 ~ 8am -10am

  • Wednesday ~ Sept 27th 2017 ~ 12pm - 2pm

  • Thursday ~ Sept 28th 2017 ~ 4pm -6pm

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