Compassion Based Executive Coaching and Consulting

When leaders and their teams have the tools to resolve their challenges and thrive, it leads to increased engagement, retention of top talent, greater job satisfaction, and greater performance.

Compassionate Work™, lead by CEO and Founder Amira Suliman, is an executive coaching and consulting firm that specializes in a unique combination of executive coaching and meditation to help both executives and employees be more engaged and fulfilled at work.


The Compassionate Awareness Mediation™ technique, an integration of meditation and awareness tools from around the world, has proven effective in transforming the challenges faced in the workplace into opportunities for company and team growth.


As an executive coach, I have worked with CEOs, VPs, and Directors at successful companies who are not performing at their highest potential, are unfulfilled, or are disengaged.  Often executives assume that their challenges lie solely in their external circumstances, yet when we dig deeper, we find that when they transform their mindset and internal perspective, their external circumstances also change.



Improve Engagement and Retention of Your Executives


A major challenge corporations face is the struggle to retain top executive talent and create a work environment that supports their executives’ health, sense of fulfillment, and performance.


  • It costs a company an average of $2,246 per disengaged employee per year

  • It costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average every time a business replaces a salaried employee


  • It costs up to 213% of annual salary to replace a person in a highly educated executive position


*data attributed to studies by ADP, SHMR, and CAP


Improve Engagement and Retention of Your Teams


The employees we work with struggle to find a way to make a difference in their companies. In the best case scenario, they wonder how to effectively climb the ladder, take on greater responsibility, and resolve workplace conflict without becoming a burden to their bosses. More often, they grow increasingly disengaged. They feel undervalued, overworked, frustrated, and invalidated by their superiors, peers, and company. At this point, they check out. They stop trying.


They join the ranks of the 87 percent of workers worldwide and 70 percent of employees in the U.S. who are either not engaged or actively disengaged (Gallup), leaving the few 30 percent behind who are driving the company forward to reach its goals.


They experience:


  • Lack of Fulfillment at work; they feel they aren’t making a significant contribution

  • Poor communication with each other and their leaders

  • Conflict with their colleagues

  • Lack of initiative; they don’t know how to assert themselves and take on projects that excite them

  • Lack of confidence and self-expression; they don’t feel empowered to share their ideas and opinions; they are afraid to address issues and rock the boat

  • Emotional frustration; they don’t have a productive way to express their feelings


When employees feel they can’t address their issues in a healthy way, they experience stress and they withdraw. They no longer feel part of a team and part of the success of the company, which in turn affects their ability to feel engaged levels.


A thriving company is comprised of committed, focused, and healthy individuals who contribute to the company’s success. A company can not afford to ignore the mental and emotional well-being and fulfillment of its employees. It is far too costly on many levels - for both the employee and the company.




Clients achieve significant results through our unique integration of executive coaching and Compassionate Awareness Mediation™.


I partner with the company, the leaders, and the teams to create a positive shift in the company.


  • Vision – Defining the vision for the company and ensuring that all participants are on board


  • Goal Setting – Setting clear goals that are measurable and achievable. Clearly defined goals build a greater sense of shared vision, inspiration, and collaboration among participants

  • Communication – Identifying communication break downs and developing tools for effective communication and conflict resolution

  • Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving – Developing the skills to access one’s inner wisdom and creativity so they can approach challenges differently and discover new solutions


  • Work-Life Balance – Getting the different areas of the individual’s life more balanced and aligned, which leads to less stress and a greater sense of well being.


  • Zone of Genius – Uncovering the unique genius of each participant and helping them bring this to their role at the company.

  • Mindfulness – Developing skills such as self-awareness, grounding, and compassion, which help break through blocks, barriers, and fears and create greater results.




Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving, Work-Life Balance, Zone of Genius, and Mindfulness can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Private Sessions and VIP Days: We help leaders develop the right mindset and perspective for success. We help them access their strengths, reconnect to their greater vision, and develop a new mindset, skills, and habits for problem-solving and overcoming challenges.

  • One-On-One Meditation and Coaching: We combine executive coaching with Compassionate Awareness Mediation™, creating customized guided meditations that address the executive’s specific challenges and goals. Using practices of presence and compassion, we give each client a specific set of meditations and practices that create the internal shifts needed for success, resilience, and well being. This can lead to significant breakthroughs including greater ease in leadership, greater clarity of vision, better communication, more motivation, and improved health.

  • Retreats: We work with leaders and their teams to create customized retreats to create a specific outcome. Our retreats are a powerful way to create team alignment, clarify the vision of the organization, and discover new and better ways of communicating. They also provide an opportunity to dive deep dive into a specific challenge and discover effective solutions.

  • Group Trainings and Virtual Trainings: We offer trainings to leaders, their teams, and to entire companies where we explore one or more challenge or goal for a full day immersion or an extended period of time:

  • Lunch and Learns: Often companies invite us to come in and to a 45 to 60-minute presentation on a specific topic related to Vision, Goal Setting, Communication, Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving, Work-Life Balance, Zone of Genius, and Mindfulness. We also create lunch and learns on customized topics that are top of mind for the company.



What Makes CAM Unique

Companies spend a great deal of money on coaching and consulting without truly resolving the root issue. When a problem is only addressed on a surface level, it re-emerges in different forms.  Instead of focusing on the symptoms, I help my clients get to the root of their problem so they can transform the deeper issues.


Compassionate Awareness Mediation™combined with coaching is highly effective. By helping our clients face their inner fears and blocks with compassion, we help them transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation.



The Clients


Companies who are fully committed to creating transformation for their leaders, team, and company culture.


My clients embrace a win-win philosophy with their talent. They know they will have more effective outcomes if they nurture their talent and help them accomplish their career goals and the goals of their company, while creating a friendly and harmonious work environment.


These companies understand that the personal well-being and fulfillment of their people goes hand-in-hand with the productivity and retention of talent. The bottom line improves when this synergy is respected and understood.


Our best clients are organizations that are expanding, seek effective long term strategies for talent retention and engagement, value success of both the company and its individuals, and want to have a positive impact on their communities, which benefits the world at large.


The Benefits

Our programs bring greater clarity, communication, collaboration, well-being, and success to companies from the top down.


Executives and their teams can expect to feel happier, more fulfilled, and more inspired at work. They will develop the inner resources to address internal and external challenges more effectively. They will have greater access to their creativity and will discover how to bring more of their unique gifts to their work.


Our clients report shifts not only in their own experience, but in the experience of others around them:


  • VPs who had been competing for power began to search for better ways to work together

  • One client who was going to stop working to save his health found a better way to delegate and better organize his work; he restored his health and rediscovered his passion for his work

  • Executives who needed more confidence to present their ideas and rally a team behind them stepped into their roles with greater boldness and courage. Their improved leadership skills lead to better team performance and increased revenue for their company.

  • Team members developed greater trust, which led to greater productivity.

  • A major leader in a multi-million-dollar company found that by instituting a few changes in his own habits, he got a much greater contribution from his executives, who in turn got greater support from their own teams, leading to an organization-wide change in attitude and profitability.


Additional benefits of our programs include:


  • Greater ability to lead teams effectively

  • Better delegation and organization among executives

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Greater clarity on the vision for the company

  • Better ability to keep all team members aligned with the company’s vision

  • Improved communication and conflict resolution

  • Greater collaboration and respect across departments

  • Increased creativity and improved problem-solving skills

  • Improved focus and motivation

  • Greater ability to manage to change and transition

  • Better work-life balance and well-being

  • Greater happiness and fulfillment at work


Companies thrive when their talent can perform at the top of their game, while feeling supported and fulfilled at work. These are the individuals who are most engaged and who bring their best work to the table.


Client Success Stories


*Names have been kept anonymous at the request of our clients.


Founding Partner Goes from Burned Out to Inspired


A partner in a successful investment firm worked hard and delegated little. His driven nature was fueled by other competing executives vying for power within the organization. His business partner suffered a major health crisis, leaving him in a place of continually putting out fires and addressing emergencies. Eventually, he couldn’t maintain his workload and his life began to break down. He experienced health challenges, relationships issues, and family problems.


By engaging in a powerful course of coaching and Compassionate Awareness Meditation™, he identified the areas where he was sabotaging himself. We worked on changing his patterns and developing a new mindset and new coping skills. He learned how to shift internally and proactively create the outcomes he desired at work -- shared vision, collaboration, and better communication. His leadership skills improved, he got more support from his team, and he developed better self care and work-life balance.


Partner and Head of Sales in Silicone Valley Company Discovers her Value


A female partner and head of sales in a Silicone Valley Company had low self confidence in the boardroom. Despite her track record of major accomplishments, she didn’t have the courage to share her thoughts about major challenges and key decisions for the company. Her lack of confidence kept her in a vicious cycle of trying to prove herself to the CEO and working excessively long hours. As a result, she found herself burned out and unfulfilled, with challenges in her personal and professional relationships. Through our work together, we identified her past experiences that affected her present life. We uncovered the fears and limiting beliefs that kept her from owning her value. With time, our client broke through her barriers and discovered the courage to speak up confidently and share her opinion. As a result, her own perception of her value changed, and as a result, others at the company began to see her differently.  Her perceptions were key to company growth, and made a huge difference to company sales and investments.


CEO Recovers from a Downward Spiral and Finds Success Again


A very successful CEO “had it all” – he had made his fortune, had a personal life that he enjoyed, was physically fit, and never questioned his self-care habits. In one year, he lost his health, his significant other, and his motivation to lead his company, yet he did not know why. As we worked together, we began to discover deep-seated behaviors and habits that were blocking him from making clear choices, supporting himself, and accessing his inspired vision. Within a few months of our work together, he restructured the parts of his work that were suffering, delegated responsibilities to other executives so he could focus on the work he was passionate about, improved his health tremendously, and began to heal the relationships in his personal life.


Closing Thoughts


With the dramatic changes that we have seen in our client’s quality of life and work, we are certain that these tools will work for every individual who applies them. We are excited to work with high-level corporate executives and their teams to improve their effectiveness in their organizations and in their lives.


If your company wants to create a desirable workplace for top talent by fully supporting your people and creating an environment where executives and teams thrive, then this work is for you.







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